Q n A with DrilOne (aka Alex Dril), curator of “Into the Darkness”

How would you describe the evolution of the designer toy world?

The Designer toy world has evolved greatly, when I started there was not a lot of companies. Now there is many companies, and the mainstream companies like Mattel & Hasbro are trying to get a piece of the action. It also is becoming very mainstream as Martha Stewart and Rosie Odonnell did Munnies, not sure how i feel about it. Definetly not underground anymore.

When did you first get into this constantly evolving toy scene?

I got into the Designer Toy scene in 2005 when I saw other graffiti artist with designs on Kidrobot Dnny series 1. Then I saw the KidRobot messageboard which got me into customizing  toys.

How would you describe the inspiration for your work?

Inspiration comes mostly my environment, thoughts, childhood, experimentation, and various other things.

Can you give us some hints to what you’ve prepared for this ITD show?

I did a Military rusted Ewok Horselington and 5 skull paintings.

What advice can you give anyone wanting to jump into toy modification?

Practice, practice, and more practice. I would say read and study the Kidrobot message board Munny section. there is a lot of tutorials on there.

How will “Into the Darkness” be different from other exhibitions you’ve been involved with?

This is my 2nd show I am curating,  so i am more experienced. The artist are some of the top customizers out there and this might be one of the larger custom open toy platform shows in the bay Area.

What was your favorite toy when you were younger?

Voltron, G.I.Joe, Lego, and Transformers.

Tell us what makes your creative juices flow?

My brain always has ideas, sometimes too many. Time is my worst enemy but i manage to participate in 12+ shows this year, and also curating 3 shows on top of it add a family and a 9 to 5. Yeah I am busy.

Can you tell us what our fans can expect from Alex Dril in the next 5 years?

I would like to push shows to the next level, not sure how but i will figure it out. And I would like to evolve as a artist too. Stay tuned!

Check out www.toyjunkiesf.com, “Into the Darkness” for art pieces from the show.

Military Horselington - Visit www.toyjunkiesf.com "Into the Darkness"
Military Horselington – Visit www.toyjunkiesf.com “Into the Darkness”