If you can’t make it to our gallery or need a little motivation to check out Estria’s “Don’t Sweat the Technique: Ode to the Spraycan”, no worries, we gotchu.   Again, we are bringing the art to you, check out the art here on our flickr account.  If you are interested in purchasing a piece or two, email info@1AMSF.com. Here are some of the pieces from the exhibit:

“Maneki Neko” by Estria

$300 for set


“Untitled 1 – 4” by Cekis

$175 for each – 22″ x 29″


“My Name in Letters 2009” and “Bomb-O-Color Chart 2009” by Queen Andrea (the only lady reppin’ in this graffiti show!)

$900 each – 30″ x 36″


“Untitled #2” by Cern

$150 – 14″ x 18″


The exhibit will be at the gallery through October 9th, 2009.  Truly worth checking out.