By adding oil paintings (on wood, not canvas) to “Don’t Sweat the Technique: Ode to the Spraycan”, Chez has elevated the respect for  graffiti writers.  Oil paintings are difficult to master but he definitely proved to be boss in this medium.  His portraits are detailed and realistic, a must-see for graffiti admirers and art lovers alike.


Check out his other pieces on our flickr.


Chez was put in a rehabilitation center when he was 16 in the middle of the San Bernadino mountains outside of Los Angeles.  Another patient in his rehab center showed him several graffiti magazines and it hooked Chez to draw pieces every day.  By the time he got out, graffiti was his passion.  Chez has been painting for 12 years experimenting in the San Francisco Bay Area with many painting mediums and styles.  He considers his style to be “organic and pushed to the next level” where he has made a transition from piecing parallel lettering bars to thick and thin shapes that make up his lettering.  Chez not only rocks lettering.  He is also a master portrait artist. “My mom said I should write ‘Chez’ which is my paps nick name. She would drop me off at the train yard before I had my L’s. I’m lucky to grow up in the bay!”
Chez reps for RSN, PFE, KMonsterz and GzLimited.

“Don’t Sweat the Technique: Ode to the Spraycan” exhibit at 1:AM gallery through October 10th, 2009.