Cern shows aerosol art at its finest.  The pieces he entered into “Don’t Sweat the Technique: Ode to the Spraycan” are all done with spray paint which surprised some.  I overheard a customer say his proportions were incredible especially since it was done with a spray can.  Don’t take their word for it, come by and check it out yourself.



CERN’S BIO: Cern began writing graffiti in the early 90’s.  Diverse in his scope, he has created numerous collaborative murals with the YMI crew and artists around the world; and he has also exhibited canvas and watercolor works in galleries in New York City and beyond.  Cern has been included in books such as Burning New York and Graffiti World.  His unique blend of fantasy and realism blurs the lines between graffiti and fine art, and exhibits a technical mastery of his medium.

“Don’t Sweat the Technique: Ode to the Spraycan” exhibit at 1:AM gallery through October 10th, 2009.