As we have been pluggin’ all month, Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle finals were this past Saturday.  Dan brought the new Graffiti New York and the collector book Graffiti LA to the event to sell at our booth.  Jim Prigoff and Steve Grody were on hand signing the books and sharing their knowledge on the evolution of street art.  We still got some copies at the gallery so come on by,  pick up your copy today, and be knowledgeable on how street art started.

With approximately 2000+ people in attendance, Estria, Bam and the gang did a good job putting the event together.  We were lucky enough to be placed right by where Vogue and Katch were painting.  To have front row seats, watch these guys for 4 hours and see their vision unfold was awesome.  Armed with the word “Grow” and their imagination, here are pictures of the winning pieces:



He killed it during the battle and our “Ode to the Spray Can” exhibition (sold every one of his canvases and he has gained fans for life).  He has become one of our favorite artists.  His street style is dope, his canvases are sick, and he is one chill cat.  OG representin’ all day.  We can’t wait to see what he has in stored for us in our anniversary show “Eternal Sleep“.



Katch is nasty… in a good way. Heralding from Hawaii, he brought some of the natural island flava with him when he battled.  We have one more of his pieces left (pictured below…he sold all of his other ones) from the “Ode to the Spray Can” show.  If you or you know someone who is interested, hit us up at


For more pictures of the battle, visit our flickr.

Check out Vogue’s latest works this Friday, October 16th at our “Eternal Sleep”  show!