Mear1 will be gracing our walls once again at our 1 year anniversary show tonight.  All the artists were given the theme of skulls and celebration of life.  And Mear did not disappoint.

Mear's contribution to "Eternal Sleep"

Mear's contribution to "Eternal Sleep"

Mear’s Bio:

There are artists who paint with the intention to be the best, or to make a ton of money, some to become famous, but MEAR questions the intention of each of his individual works, asking is this a worthy concept; and what is the outcome of such a work that speaks to the masses. This is an involved process in which MEAR’s hopes are to bridge a gap between what is common and that which isn’t. To raise a responsible conversation on the topic that is displayed, i.e. the painting. MEAR’s works are meant to bring the unseen mysteries locked with in our minds to the foreground as if to take part in a grand expose`. The question of how did we become, and why. To see through the illusion of our decrepit social condition and speak out with art as a weapon of mass liberation.

As intense as that seems this is the quest of MEAR’s life as an artist. MEAR sees himself as a messenger as well a spiritual warrior using his imagination as a communication device. MEAR has often said that life is like an elevator in which there are uncomfortable silences experienced by those on the ride. Usually we keep to our selves in a state of shame choosing not to speak. If MEAR walked into that same elevator with a canvas depicting the most explicit vision, almost everyone on that elevator would take part in a conversation around the piece. Conviction and Integrity are words that describe his process. No matter what vision MEAR transcribes through his imagination, there is the deep connection between his thoughts and feelings and the work which MEAR teaches as well as learns. This brings the concept of sharing and receiving into light and finds purpose as an artist.