Friday, October 16th, 1:AM gallery celebrated our one year anniversary!  The artists brought their A-game and filled the gallery with their imaginative interpretation of life and death.  One of Shawn Griggs’ oil paintings depicted skull figures fishing, body boarding on a pier that seemed to be floating in the night sky while Lawrence Yang transformed his characters to have skulls with a story of absorption and Sesl commemorated Dia de los Muertos by painting a traditional life and death ceremony.  This is just 3 out of the 50 amazing pieces we have at the gallery for the Eternal Sleep show.

The vibe was great at the opening reception.  People enjoyed the art and each other’s company.  Most of the contributing artists were on hand schmoozing, boozing and having fun.

Here are some pix:


Lily Black all dressed up!


DIA's canvas and face painting. Beautiful.


Josh Ellingson and KRK Ryden.


The ladies are in the gallery.


The big guys love 64 Colors.


Yoga Frog, Sketch, and DJ Qbert striking a pose with Dan.



Good times.  Thanks everyone for coming by and special thanks to the artists – Shawn Griggs, Alice Koswara, Bryn Taylor,  DrilOne, Reyes, Oliver Fader, Robert Gonzalez, Phoneticontrol, Peabe, Josh Ellingson, KRK Ryden, DIA, Dave Crosland, Carlos A, Nate1, Cameron, King 157, Vogue, Twick, Laurel Anderson, Toro and Lily Black – for also celebrating our birthday with us!

Eternal Sleep at 1:AM gallery through November 6th!

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