Lily Black is one of a kind… and we are proud to say, and are very lucky, that he is part of the 1:AM family.  Lily always has a way of bringing fun and intellect into any situation or conversation.  Read our, weird, but entertaining interview with him here: Who is Lily Black?

So, of course, he participated in our anniversary show “Eternal Sleep”.  He did something out of character though, instead of making his trademark military-customized toys, he presented affordable skull paintings made with watercolors.  Let me tell you, these are flying off the walls.  People love them.  There are a couple left, so come by gallery today and pick up your very own Lily Black skulls!

Eternal Sleep 240

Lily ain't one to kiss and tell...

Eternal Sleep198

Skull-licious! Lily Black originals.

Lily is also our toy modification teacher (a class that people cannot get enough of).  Check out our classes.  Maybe get it for someone or yourself for Christmas!


Lily the innovator! Check out the gold amp he made... which I believe he makes to order...

Lily’s art available at 1:AM gallery.  If you are interested or you know someone who is interested in his canvas, contact

Eternal Sleep at 1:AM gallery through November 6th!