When strolling or driving down a street in San Francisco, you have probably felt someone staring at you.  A monster perhaps?  A rabid monkey?  Don’t be alarmed, they are real.

Lango has made his mark in the city.  His craftmanship is impeccable.  He transforms walls to look into mythical worlds.  Being sandwiched between two of his murals (one on the Defenestration building and the other on our 6th street wall), I have heard admirers give their “oooos” and “ahhhhs”, claiming his is their favorite.

We were extremely lucky when Lango agreed to exhibit in our anniversary show “Eternal Sleep”.   Different from the other artists, he interpreted the theme as a celebration of life.  Through this piece, he showed that not only has he mastered the art of spray painting creatures but also, as a well trained artist, boss in the usage of watercolors and ink to paint life.

Pictures from 1:AM’s “Eternal Sleep”:


Lango painting the 6th Street wall.


"Solitude" (the gold framed) by Lango still available at 1:AM.

Pictures of his street art:

Lango working the Defenestration wall.

Lango working the Defenestration wall.

The crowned monkey in Hayes Valley.

The crowned monkey in Hayes Valley.

Lango’s art available at 1:AM gallery.  If you are interested or you know someone who is interested in his canvas, contact info@1AMSF.com.

Eternal Sleep at 1:AM gallery through November 6th!