When I was cruising through the gallery today admiring the artwork hanging on our walls and saddened because they will only be up for one more week, I realized that we have a lot of representatives from Chi-town.  Also, they priced their amazing art pieces reasonably.  Our anniversary show “Eternal Sleep” showcases Hyde, Peabe, Lawrence Yang, Phoneticontrol and 64 Colors, all from the Chicago area.  If you or anyone you know is interested in any of the pieces, holler at info@1AMSF.com.

Here are pictures of their art:


"You Can Run but You Can't Hyde" and "Eternal Love" by Hyde


"Bath", "Untitled", and "You Can't Stop It" by Peabe

"Under the Volcano" by Phoneticontrol

"Under the Volcano" by Phoneticontrol


"Forgotten Soul" by 64 Colors

Eternal Sleep at 1:AM gallery through November 6th!