Our next exhibition, opening this Friday, November 13th,  is an exploration of Filipino folklore creatures by urban, contemporary, Filipino artists.  When we tell people that the show is titled “Tabi Tabi Po”, the immediate question is “What does that mean?”

Tabi Tabi Po (pronounced Ta-bee Ta-bee Poe) refers to Filipino superstitions- particularly when someone is entering a locale where ghosts and goblins may be living.  It is a way of saying “excuse me” or “pardon me” when entering or passing a territory where these creatures inhabit for fear there will be unforgiving consequences if the creatures are not acknowledged or given respect.  It can also be translated as “move to the side, sir”.

Explore the Filipino creatures that go bump in the night @ 1:AM gallery.  “Tabi Tabi Po” opening reception this Friday, November 13th from 7 – 10:30pm!