When James “gaNyan” Garcia, curator of Tabi Tabi Po, shared his vision for the show, we loved it but we just did not know how he was going to do it.  We should have known better.  As a filipino, there is a strong sense of “bayanihan” (community) and family and friends will bend over backwards for you to help you achieve what you are trying to do.

So last Saturday, James came into the gallery rolling 10 man deep.  He had friends working on the shanty (a home made out of cardboard, metal scrapes and wood), bahay kubo (a traditional hut looking house), artists painting columns, the walls inside and outside and making a documentary on Filipino folklore.  Everyday, his crew came in with smiles and ready to work all day, usually until 10 o’clock at night.  The strong sense of comradeship makes us feel proud to be part of this wonderful show James has put together.

Come by and check out James’ transformation of 1:AM gallery tonight for the opening of Tabi Tabi Po from 7 – 10:30pm!

Here are some pictures of 1:AM gallery’s transformation:

Gem and column #1 of 4

Gem Mateo making tree faces on the columns

What shanty town?

Alex and Aaron shacking up in a shanty

Cece Carpio and her tirbeswoman.

Cece Carpio painting a tribeswoman


Jaime Costes lending her expertise for the Bahay Kubo

Chris Cabuay baybayin-in'

Chris Cabuay baybayin the entry way to the bahay kubo

Miguel with the setting sun on his back.

One of my fave pix. Miguel giving us signage!

Chris and Manananggal

Chris de Leon killing it. The wall inside and outside.