The vibe was positive, the art was dope, and a lot of artists were on hand to answer questions about their art. The best part of the night was the people in attendance. They were inquisitive and genuinely wanted to learn more about the Filipino culture. Also, another high point in the evening was seeing James “gaNyan” Garcia be able to relax and enjoy his time with his friends after a long week of building and setting up for the show. Cheers to James for making this happen! (Lifting my imaginary shot of Maker’s Mark for him)

More pictures on our flickr.


Alleluia Panis, from Kularts, blessing Tabi Tabi Po show and the gallery


Wondering what these creatures are...

texting friends to tell them how awesome the show is.

Texting photos of the art to friends



Gem, Dino and James funny looking.

Gem Mateo, Dino Ignacio, and James "gaNyan" Garcia at the end of the night.


Thanks to all the artists that made this happen!

The only down part of this evening was that this was the first opening that Roman, Rocio and Anna had to do without Dan.  Dan was laid out with a 48 hour bug that kept him bed ridden the whole time.  He was definitely missed.

Tabi Tabi Po now through December 12th!  A percentage of the art sales will go to the Filipino victims of Typhoon Ondoy and Pepeng.