As we mentioned in our previous post, a percentage of the art sales is being donated to the Filipino typhoon victims through BAYAN Philippines’ BALSA. However, there are a couple of artists who are going beyond their social call of duty.  They are opening their big hearts to people across the Pacific Ocean, some family and friends and others complete strangers, and donating all their profits to the victims.

Here are some of them:

"Malakat Waves" by Angry Woebots - $1500

"Malakat Waves" by Angry Woebots - $1500

"Untitled" by gaNyan - $350

"Untitled" by James gaNyan Garcia - $350

"Kapre" by Darvin Roca Vida - $400

"Kapre" by Darvin Vida Roca - $400

"Red Magic White Magic" by Andre Sibayan - $250

"Red Magic, White Magic" by Andre Sibayan - $250

Check out all the artwork on our flickr.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces, please contact

“Tabi Tabi Po” now at 1:AM gallery through December 12th!