We were honored that James “gaNyan” Garcia showcased his inspiring and educational “Tabi Tabi Po” exhibition here at 1:AM gallery.  Tonight is the last night to check out the amazing work by the talented Filipino artists from the States, Philippines, and Norway.

As a special treat, James got a group of Filipino martial artists to do a demonstration. ESKABO Daan will be here at 7:30pm to wow us with their expert Panantukan (empty-handed techniques) and Eskrima (stick fighting) skills.

Here is more info on ESKABO Daan:
ESKABO Daan is a Filipino Martial Art based in San Francisco California. It is a weapons based system that also incorporates empty hand techniques as well as joint locking techniques. This art was founded by Grand Master Robert Castro, whose 30 plus years of Martial Arts experience, led him to the creation of this unique and effective style. Grand Master Robert Castro gives his students more than they bargained for. He gives completely of himself and prepares them for whatever self-defense situation they may encounter. If you are in need of a Martial Arts School where it is not about ego but about learning and personal growth, then come to the ESKABO Daan school.