So, how cool is this?  Your boss wants to throw the most memorable and freshest holiday party.  He/she wants to step away from those “The Office” inspired get togethers.  What do they do?  They come to 1:AM gallery.

We got an email from a gentleman named Shailesh from eBay’s User Experience design team.  He wanted to have his team, which consists of 25 people, learn more about graffiti.  Instead of taking his team to a, yawn, white elephant brunch, he wanted them to get down with the funk.  So, 1:AM responded by creating a customized graffiti workshop for them, that included history of graffiti, a mural walk tour, painting on the wall, and stenciling t-shirts.  Here are some pictures from the day:


Listening to Nate1 and Roman talk about graffiti


Of course defenestration is part of the mural walk!


Shailesh getting down!


Special treat for the eBay-ers, Mike “Bam” Tyau on site to drop some knowledge


Wall crazy!



When they were told that they were allowed to paint on the wall, they just went for it and didn’t look back.  You can see the excitement in everyone’s eyes, so the teachers, Nate1 and Roman, stepped back and let them just go at it.  People painted hearts, Maneki Neko (good luck beckoning cats), Iron Maiden, Bart Simpson, letters and more.  The eBay-ers were such naturals at the wall.

Nate1 and Roman did a fantastic job teaching the eBay crew about graffiti.  We also had a special cameo appearance by Mike “Bam”.  The eBay-ers were lucky that they had all three of these guys dropping their knowledge on them.  We were grateful that Shailesh approached us to do this at 1:AM.  One of our goals as an urban and street gallery is to educate people about graffiti and dispel some of the negativity that surrounds this art form.   After the workshop was completed, I heard “Today was a good day” by Ice Cube playing in my head.  Indeed it was, a good day for the team from eBay and the crew at 1:AM.


eBay crew represent!

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Special thanks to Gina and Rocio for making this day happen!!!