We wanted to do a “12 days ’til Christmas” countdown… but we got really busy with the “Tabi Tabi Po” closing reception, eBay workshop, the Stage Two Consulting holiday party, and the opening of “Circle of Life”.  What a week!  Now, we are 6 days til Christmas and we know that a lot of you waited last minute to do your holiday shopping.  So, we compiled a list of presents that you can purchase all at 1:AM.  We present to you…with our stamp of approval…


1.  Montana Hardcore Guacamole Green: A great color to add freshness to any art piece  – $6.00

Montana Hardcore Guacamole Green

2. Black books:  Get graff writers and artists to add some funk in his/her life by always carrying a sketch book for them to hit up.  This is a must have for all urban artists, aspiring and established, and graffiti appreciators   – $13.00 & up

Blackbooks (sketch books)

3. Gingko Press’ El Mac / Retna book: Simply put, this is SIIIICCCKKKK.  Shows off their amazing collection of work – $19.95

El Mac / Retna Allianza by Upper Playground

4. 94 Turquesa: A poppin’ color and a favorite for everyone who comes by – $6.00

Montana 94 Turquesa

5. Sento book: Learn letter styles from the OG from New York – $25.00

Sento by On the Run

6. Steel Tip Krink Markers: Ink that will go on any surface, won’t tear like the mop tops – $12.00

Steel tip KRINKs

7. New Skool Onesies: Make sure the kids look as dope as their parents – $23.99

Nate1's New Skool

8. Blackbook Sessions: Need inspiration for pieces? This will open their mind to new techniques and styles – $22.95

Blackbook Sessions #03 by Stylefile

9. KidRobot Fatcap: Channel that inner child in everyone and start a collection of designer vinyl toys.

KidRobot's Fatcaps

10.  CLASSES! CLASSES! CLASSES! CLASSES!:  Give the gift that keeps on giving.  Urban art classes a perfect way to tap into anyone’s creative side.

Stenciling with Roman: An easy to learn step by step process to creating and applying a stencil – $50.00

Art of Graffiti with Nate1: A great introduction to the Art of Graffiti from an old skool writer with a New Skool style – $40.00

Toy Modification with Lily Black: The many diverse techniques of toy fabrication/modification are made incredibly simple in this class – $70.00

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Finish your holiday shopping with us!  Gift certificates available, too!