Is one of your new year’s resolution to become more mature and cultured?  Or to give your apartment a makeover? Well, let 1:AM gallery help you do just that.  We’ve got a great exhibition up right now, ArtNowSF’s “Circle of Life”, that won’t break the bank and will definitely class up anyone’s pad.

Here are some of your options:

"Les Hiboux" by Erin Mayo - $150

"Les Hiboux" by Erin Mayo - $150 (Mixed Media)

"Farewell my Love" by Tulula Deville - $400

"Farewell My Love" by Tulula DeVille - $400 (Gouache and Woodburning)

"Life is but a Dream" by Wythe Bowart - $350

"Life Is But A Dream" by Wythe Bowart - $350 (Acrylic)

Like what you see?  Visit us at the gallery from 12-6:30pm Tuesday through Saturday (1000 Howard St x 6th) or check out the art on our flickr.

“Circle of Life” at 1:AM gallery now through January 30th!