Back in December, we did a holiday party for a hi-tech marketing consulting firm called Stage Two Consulting.  Since they were really into graffiti letter styles, team 1:AM, consisting of Roman and Robert, responded by whipping up (rather, laboring over… but they had fun doing it and that’s what matters right?) a couple of wooden canvases.  They even borrowed San Francisco Art Institute’s wood shop room to make the canvases from scratch… measure, saw, sand, nail, repeat.  Check out some of the art here:


"R" by Roman and Robert, team 1:AM


"E is for Easy" by Roman and Robert, team 1:AM

Even Mike “Bam” Tyau contributed his newest depiction of his signature geisha girl.


"Geisha Girl #4" by Bam and Runa

View more of this collection on our flickr.

Make sure you visit the gallery and educate yourself on some graffiti letter styles… and a graff geisha girl (droppin’ a bit o’ alliteration for ya, try saying that 5 times in a row).  If you are interested in any of the pieces, email