When navigating through the streets of San Francisco, many seek or stumble upon the building with furniture scurrying across its’ walls in the midst of the busy streets of SoMa.  On the corner of 6th and Howard, across the street from 1:AM gallery, stands the Defenestration building.    Locals and visitors from all over the world stare at it with amazement, taking in all the wonders of the playful and uplifting art installation.  Although the piece is deeply loved by the community, it has fallen into unfortunate disrepair.  That is why 1:AM gallery has partnered up with Brian Goggin to bring you…

OPERATION RESTORE DEFENESTRATION: Fundraiser and Solo Show by Brian Goggin


We are proud to present Operation Restore Defenestration, a month long celebration of Defenestration building’s 13th anniversary as well as the next era of the project’s existence. Operation Restore Defenestration is an event raising funds to repair and improve the artwork, making the building once again beautiful by day and vibrant by night.  The exhibition will include restoration work in progress and artwork for sale with proceeds from the event going towards the project.  Mark your calendars for  the opening reception on Friday, March 5th 2010 from 6-10pm.

Operation Restore Defenestration
will be an opportunity for the community to meet the artist and support the restoration of the art installation by helping with fundraising and volunteering efforts. Vsit www.defenestration.org and www.1AMSF.com often for updates and more information.

It’s your time to be part of something awesome.  Support Operation Restore Defenestration.