Richard Nyhagen knows screen printing.  Living in San Francisco for over 20 years, he was excited to be part of “The City” show at 1:AM gallery and exhibit inspiring pieces made from screen prints, plexi glass, and mixed media.  He received his MFA in printmaking from San Francisco State University and now teaches screen printing at City College of San Francisco, Fort Mason Art Campus, and at the Mission Cultural Center.

Here are a couple of pieces he contirbuted to “The City” exhibit:

Waste Management by Richard Nyhagen - $250

"Waste Management"

ggb by Richard Nyhagen - $400


Islais Creek Cannery by Richard Nyhagen - $450

"Islais Creek Cannery"

Check Richard out in one of his classes or if you haven’t seen “The City” up close and personal yet, make your way down to 1:AM gallery)!

Visit our flickr to see more of the artwork showcased in “The City”.