Defenestration is a large work and has weathered the elements for a long time.  Brian Goggin estimates that it will take approximately $75,000 to restore the work today, and we are hoping to raise the money entirely through donation. While the money is being raised, Goggin and his team of volunteers have begun to restore “Defenestration,” including the sculptural furniture on the façade of the 1908 Hugo Hotel. They will remove and rebuild a number of the elements. Some, including the chest of drawers have already been taken down. The lights will be repaired to again illuminate the work at night – making the piece come alive at night. Other pieces will be repaired and restored on-site.

There are many ways you can help restore Defenestration.  Your tax-deductible donation is by far the easiest.  No amount is too small – make your donation here:

donateProgress Thermometer

Please consider sponsoring a specific piece of furniture.  Your donation will enable us to re-furbish, re-paint, or re-light one of the items clinging to the walls, escaping from the windows, or jumping from the roof.


Four table combination – $ 6,000
(2) Couches – $5,000 ea
(3) Chairs – $4,000 ea.
Armoire – $ 3,000
Clock – $3,000
Refrigerator – $2,500
Television – $2,000
Radio – $1,000
Lamp – $400

Visit for more information.

Mark your calendars, “OPERATION RESTORE DEFENESTRATION” @ 1:AM Gallery from March 5th to April 2nd, 2010!