Don’t let Oliver Fader fool you with his quiet demeanor and hushed voice… He may be a man of few words but his pictures speak volumes.

Brawl on Broadway by Oliver Fader - $200

"Brawl on Broadway" by Oliver Fader

Under the Bridge by Oliver Fader - SOLD

"Under the Bridge" by Oliver Fader (do you see the surfer?)


Born and raised in San Francisco – Oliver Fader grew up exposed to many sub-cultural scenes. As many children of the ‘90s his parents divorced at an early age – leaving too much time and free-range for any preteen but – allowed him the freedom to wander and explore. Educated in elite private schools and taking interest in the lessons and activities offered by the tough streets of San Francisco – Oliver has been to exposed to a broad spectrum of social views, values and activities that were shared or remained esoteric. While on these journeys he self-published RAH Publication’s “Rise Above Haters”. Though using cameras his entire life for several other projects – here the actual first interest in the technique and concepts behind the process of recording through images was sparked. Already enrolled as a painting major on a partial Merit Scholarship at SFAI – he shifted his interest from the brush to the lens.

His style remains consistent with the strict usage of film and the silver gelatin process always presented in the full frame format. He reserves the usage of digital for commercial work. During the final years at SFAI Oliver was contracted and had several images published in magazines and periodicals while exhibiting in over five shows in his first ‘professional’ year. He received his BFA from SFAI with honors in 2009. Oliver can be found wandering the streets of San Francisco on his bike with a camera and a marker in his coat pockets.

Oliver, Nick, Roman, and Dylan

Oliver with Nick, Roman and Dylan posing at the opening

Our photos do not do Oliver’s work justice.  Just get down to the gallery and see it for yourself.  Visit our flickr to see more of his work.

“The City” will be up through Saturday, February 27th!