Zach is the youngest artist of “The City” group exhibition.   His mixed media canvases seem beyond his years and we can’t wait to watch him grow as an artist in the coming years.

Green Flash by Zachary Kirshner - $2000

"Green Flash" by Zachary Kirshner


I am able to express myself most fluidly by creating visual art, and find fulfillment in doing so.  My paints are my efforts to express deep memories and indescribable emotions.  It is from these ephemeral impressions that the beginning stages of my paintings arise.  Once there is an initial idea on the canvas, my process largely becomes a balancing act of shape and color to flesh out what is already there.  I don’t tend to stick to plans in my work, even if I have them.  My paintings evolve within a life of their own, and in my most transcendent moments, I take just as much pleasure in being the surprised witness as in being the creator.  Even though, I make every single mark, their sum total is a mystery to me, just as I am a mystery to myself.  What I understand about my art constantly shifts along side my personal growth in life.  My art, probably like most art, means something different to everybody.  I don’t know what my art meand, and I don’t particularly care.  I just know that I love it.

Visit our flickr to view more of his work.

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