Lately, every time we see a group exhibition in San Francisco, we see Hilary Williams name as one of the artists showing.  Whether it be 111 Minna, Polarity Post Productions, Arc Studios or 1:AM gallery, Hilary’s work is there.  You may ask, why is she everywhere?  Because she is a highly sought out artist that creates impeccable work.  Here is some photos of her art:

Blair Witch Project with some art.

Hilary Williams' prints at 1:AM gallery (on the right, Will Manville on the left)

The Golden Hour of Molten Twilight by Hilary Williams - $1200

"The Golder Hour of Molten Twilight" by Hilary Williams


Since my first introduction to screen printing, I have been enthralled by its graphic quality, bold colors, and the way it lends itself to layers.  I studied the technique beginning at California College of the Arts in 2000, and work in this medium passionately creating limited edition prints as well as incorporating its ideas and methods into my other works of painting and fabric.  Through layering, collage and juxtaposition, I strive to make dense pieces that deal with the absurdity and poignancy of our world by laughing, crying, or standing back in awe.

I use collages of photography, drawing, painting, patterning to create layers of images and meaning.  My works deal with a variety of emotions about the coexistence of our urban landscape, nature, and humanity.  I am continually inspired by my surroundings, today’s urban and natural environments, and have drawn some inspirations as well from Dada, Surrealism and Pop art.  Along with exterior and interior architecture and urban life themes, in many pieces I also merge these with the rural and natural landscape, as well as its figures.  There is always some humor, irony, as well as melancholy in my pieces that continually thread through my work and ideas in some way.  I desire to create a surreal vision of reality that incorporates the past, present, and future of our worlds landscapes and characters, causing reflections on where we are today.

In creating my screen prints, I take most of my own photographs, and each other stencil is created by hand, with ten to twenty layers stenciled and then printed on each piece.  My paintings are composed of layers of acrylic, screen printing and other mixed media materials.  My fabric sculptures are created with recycled fabrics and other materials with screen printing.

Check out more of her work on her website.