Last Saturday, we spread the word about YO! Youth Outlook and U.S. Census Bureau contest titled “Count Us In” (if you are still interested in entering, you must turn your ideas in today!).  We told the kids at the gallery about this great opportunity and Roman let these lucky kids get down on one of our 2-panel walls.  Maher, one of the kids who is always in the gallery sketching in his book, aspires to be an artist.  This was a great opportunity for him to take the skills he has learned from the different artists that pass through the gallery and incorporate it into his FIRST ever mural.  He rallied up his buddies, Josh and Sahill, and they did their thang.


Josh and Maher learning about characters from Josue


Josh making his sketches come alive!


Maher, the man with the master plan


Proud of his creation


Finished wall... YEA!

Maher, Josh and Sahill did an amazing job in making this happen.  Our fingers are crossed that they win… Good luck!  We are so proud of you!