Brian Goggin’s “Operation Restore Defenestration” has been in the news lately.  The word is out and people have been flocking to the gallery to see Brian’s restored and new works.  We hope that the buzz will remain strong and help him raise the funds he needs to restore Defenestration, San Francisco’s iconic work of art.

Here are notable quotes from San Francisco’s well-known journalists:

I have always wondered whether “Defenestration” made reference to suicide, but Goggin said it was inspired by his reading about the First Defenestration of Prague. That incident, which ignited the 15th century Hussite wars, involved an incensed mob throwing seven city council members from upper windows of the town hall.

But that historical reference lurks far in the background of “Defenestration.”

“As there’s this absurd image of furniture seeking a new life, it may well end as they get smashed to the ground,” Goggin said. “There’s a sense of bliss and joy captured in that moment. The next moment is left up to the observer. I like it that people project on it things they see happening next.”

– From Kenneth Baker’s,  art critic for SF Chronicle, Brian Seeks to Revive ‘Defenestration’

For more than a decade, a curious scene has greeted viewers looking upon the old Hugo Hotel at Sixth and Howard streets. A bright green couch lurches precipitously from the building’s corner window. Packs of reading lamps are scaling the building’s outer walls. A floor or two up, another couch, some coffee tables, and one of those old and impossibly heavy television cabinets appear to contemplate jumping from the fourth-story rooftop. No prank of the homeless, this precarious assemblage — wow, that’s a dangling claw-foot bathtub three stories up — is the Defenestration Project, the work of Bay-Area artist Brian Goggin.

– Brady Welch’s, writer for SF Bay Guardian, Still Defying Gravity

Thanks to Amy Hollyfield from ABC 7 News for coming out and covering our opening!