1:AM gallery supports public art.   We encourage people to express themselves creatively and have a voice in the community.

When we see Defenestration, we applaud Brian Goggin’s out of the box thinking and achieving what many artists cannot, building an art installation that speaks to all ages, gender, race and socioeconomic status.   In Laughing Squid’s article “Save Defenestration, Iconic Community-Grown Art”, the writer, Simone Davalos, reached out to people, who have supported the project since its’ first day in 1997 to today, and this is what they had to say about Defenestration:

“Defenestration is the best. Brian Goggin turned a rambling, spacious, partially wrecked four story residential hotel building into ART. Not only ART, but a f**king tourist attraction, to boot. You can almost separate humanity into the proverbial two kinds of people: those who “get” the piece, and those who don’t. Those who “get it” are basically everyone. What I’m trying to say is that Brian did the nearly impossible: he made FINE ART that ALL people could appreciate.”

John Law, Suicide Club member, Cacophony Society architect and co-founder of Burning Man

“Defenestration is the most valuable asset. . .beacon of tolerance and whimsy. . .keeping the idea of San Francisco as a city of Art and Innovation. . . .overflowing with possibility. . . championing unconventional thinking. . .embracing function as form. . .perverted f*ing furniture getting away with murder. . . they move you know. . .a genuine cornerstone of truth in a world gone mad. . .if it was a girl I’d marry it. . . can’t let civic treasure slip away. . . demand you commit to its long life. . .city of arts and innovation. . .the dog loved it. . . doom and cold. . . emptiness. . .pigeons. . .”

Chicken John, showman and erstwhile mayoral candidate (at least, this is what Simone could make out)

Another thing that we love about Defenestration is that it evokes the spirit of artistic creation.  One of the tenants that lives upstairs from us, George Rodriguez, sketched what he sees out of his apartment window, the Defenestration building in all its glory.  He has his sketch on display at the gallery and is selling it for $10 with all the proceeds going to Brian’s Operation Restore Defenestration.


Community Building - Sketch by George Rodriguez, only $10!

The most obvious reason we like the Defenestration building is because we would rather be looking at an iconic San Francisco work of art than just any ordinary building.  We love coming into work, glancing up and being inspired.


Our view everyday

To make a donation, visit Brian’s www.defenestration.org.