Have you always admired the Defenestration building from a far?  And thought to yourself “Man, I wish I had playful furniture running across MY walls”?

Well, Brian Goggin and 1:AM gallery are here to make that dream a reality.  On exhibit at the gallery right now are 4 limited edition newly animated, red chairs that scurry to their own special beat.  We can see these collector edition chairs adding some funk to anyone’s home or office or even, a building lobby (inspire the employees before coming into work each day, ya know?).


Defenestration Chair Sculpture #3 (as seen in the SF Chronicle)


Defenestration Chair Sculpture #2

Or if you are more into the original pieces, as in straight off the building, we gotchu too.


Climbing Tables


Original Defenestration Radio


Original Defenestration Lamps (SOLD OUT)

John Voldol, one of the members of the local community who originally helped Goggin create the piece writes: “Defenestration shows every sign of withstanding the test of time and is no less relevant or interesting than it was on the day it was completed. In a town famous for short attention spans, people’s enthusiasm for this piece has only grown over the years. Everyone loves Defenestration. It’s one of the things that make us glad we live in San Francisco, and makes visitors glad they came.”

Own a piece of iconic San Francisco art that celebrates creativity, provocation, and ingenuity.

OPERATION RESTORE DEFENESTRATION in full effect at 1:AM gallery!