We’ve been lovin’ the weather.  What we’ve been lovin’ more is the peeps rolling through 1:AM gallery.

Nate1's 1:AM Art of Graffiti Class

Chaz and Pengo droppin some knowledge on Nate1's Art of Graffiti Class

To sign up for Nate1’s April class, click here.

Brian Goggin and Attaboy

Brian Goggin and Attaboy finally meeting!

Attaboy came through to support Brian Goggin’s “Operation Restore Defenestration“.  They have been running in the same circle for almost 5 years but they had never met each other.  1:AM gallery was happy to make the intro.  Numbers were exchanged and even Hi-Fructose magazines passed hands.  By the way, Attaboy and Annie Owens are having a great exhibition running at Copro Gallery in LA right now.  Peep the art here.

Mark Bode

Mark Bode and Dan talking shop

Mark Bode came in on Friday to discuss his June solo show at 1:AM gallery with Dan.  We started to get excited because he was talking about his new works, Bode broads, original sketches…  We’ve probably given away too much.  Just be here June 25th for his opening reception.

You never know who is going to walk through 1:AM’s doors…