Last Friday, March 26th, Yo! Youth Outlook and the U.S. Census bureau hosted a celebration for the winners of the “Count Us In” campaign.  Maher, Josh, and Sahill were in attendance with our art director, Roman.  They won first place for the street art/mural category!  WOO-HOO!!!!

Waiting in anticipation: Josh, Maher, and Sahill

Here is what the kids had to say about the day:

“It was fun and exciting because there was a lot of cool poster drawings, t-shirt designs, cool rhymes, good food, and I felt pretty good when i found out we won first place. I like the speeches I heard too!”  -Maher Yakub, 12 years old

“Today we got rewarded by winning the mural production contest!  What I felt today was very proud because we won.  At the same time, I was so nervous because i didn’t kn0w what to do when they called us in front of all the people!  I finally stopped being shy when I realized I should be proud of myself.  I couldn’t wait to go back home to show my mom and my family what I won.  So, they will know and notice that I’m doing something good now, not like last year!  I’m so thankful for 1 A.M GALLERY STAFF and ALL THE PEOPLE WHO HELPED ME IN MY SKETCHES. They were my inspiration through this. THANK YOU ALL!”  – Josh Ramos, 14 years old

“We got rewarded for the mural, we won first place but we couldnt have done it without the help of my friends and the staff at 1AM. I want to thank them for giving us the opportunity, thank you!”  – Sahill Lal, 13 years old

Video from award ceremony by Min Lee of Yo! Youth Outlook.  Read more about the contest here.

Congratulations, boys!