Okay.  We are really slow on the jump lately.  Everyone has probably already read Cope2’s blog or Spankystokes.com or Mixcrate.com‘s review of the opening of our current exhibition, Graphic Attack!.  But of course, we need to add our two cents.

The show was dope.  And that is our two cents.  Naw, just playin’.  When have we ever been people of a few words?

The day of the opening artists Cope2, Pure TFP, Siloette and Queen Andrea blessed the outside walls of 1:AM with their classic east coast style of bubble letters, pieces and characters.  They also had the opportunity to add some funk to a brand new Scion car parked in front of 1:AM.  Much to the delight of the people passing by, the block was popping with color and design.  It gave people a sense of what was waiting for them inside the gallery.

Cope2 on 1:AM's 6th Street wall

Cope2 gettin' down on our walls!


Scion has never seen this before.

The eclectic crowd consisted of graffiti writers, artists, musicians, art aficionados and people from all walks of life. The atmosphere was full of excitement for the chance to have graff legends like Cope2 and Pure TFP to hit up their black books.  Local legends, like Mark Bode, Sundance, Apex, Estria, and Twick, were also in attendance.  Black books were being passed from hand to hand, collecting letterstyles from some of the greatest writers in the game.

Estria, Dan and Vogue

Estria, Vogue with Dan in the back.


Cope2 and Pure TFP takin a break from black bookin'!

The crowd was not the only thing to write home about.  The artwork did not disappoint.  The exhibition showed range from Andrea von Bujdoss’, aka Queen Andrea, typography to Shepard Fairey’s famous prints on wooden panels to TrustoCorp’s newest street sign to Cern’s imagery to Mare’s sculptures… the list goes on.  The art showed graffiti and graphic design at its’ finest.

Opening night!

Greg Haberny's work

Opening night!

Hydro 74's limited screen print almost all sold it!

Queen Andrea and Melissa, the curators, with Indie and a girlfriend from NY

Curators, Queen Andrea and Melissa McCaig Welles, with Indie and their friend

DJ Still Rob G was on the wheels of steel while Gundlach Bundschu Winery and Vitamin Water provided the beverages.  Scion was the official sponsor of Graphic Attack! and were so kind to loan 1:AM the car and a photo booth for people to remember the night.

If you missed out on the opening, you’re in luck, the show will be up through June 19th.  Get yo’ ass down here!  Educate your self on the styles of  the most prolific experts in urban art and graphic design.

1:AM team with Cope2, Indie, Queen Andrea and Melissa McCaig Welles

Team 1:AM with the curators and the artists (L-R): Melissa McCaig Welles, Queen Andrea, Dan, Anna, Cope2, Indie, Rocio, Roman

Graphic Attack! at 1:AM gallery through June 19th!