1:AM was lucky to have the infamous Cope2 grace our walls (inside and outside).  And if you are trekking through the city, be on the lookout for some of the work he left for San Francisco to admire…  (check out WarZone415 and Nick Fisher‘s flickr)

Graphic Attack! Opening Night

Indie and Cope in front of one of the 2 Cope2 canvases at 1:AM right now! (Photo by: Estria)

A quick shout out to Indie who in a short time, we got to know her calming spirit and infectious laughter.  Her keep it real attitude has us giving her all of our respect.  Check out her story and clothing line at www.kweenzdestroy.com.

Graphic Attack! Opening Night

"SmoothStyle" by Cope2 (Photo by: Estria)

"MTA Subway Maps #2" by Cope2

ONLY 1 LEFT! Customized "MTA SUBWAY MAP" by Cope2. Get yours today!

Check out more photos on our flickr of Graphic Attack!.  Or read about it from a different perspective on Neon MonsterCope2’s blog, Spankystokes.com or Mixcrate.com.

COPE2 at 1:AM gallery through June 19th!