You always hear about those male graff artists painting a dope mural, but how often do you hear about female graff arists? Well 1:AM had the pleasure of hosting a private mural workshop for a group of young women(ages 11-14) from YMCA Bayview  These young women, and dare I say future artists, brainstormed a concept for a mural and made it come to life on canvas.  They came up with a powerful message for their piece: “Girls stick together”.  It’s about time more girls took matters and spray cans into their own hands!

Under the direction of Nate1 and Roman, they met every Saturday in May and one Saturday June.  Check out the photos chronicling their experience.

YMCA Bayview


YMCA Bayview

After the letters, comes the background.

YMCA Bayview


YMCA Bayview Girls with Roman and Nick

A simple but strong message: “Girls Stick Together”

Thanks YMCA Bayview!  We can’t wait to see your next creation, girls!