Everyone wants a piece of Mark Bode.  We’ve been getting a lot of press for his show titled “Wizards, Lizards, and Broads”.  Check it out:

Ken Harman writes:

” Hi-Fructose recently visited the home and studio of legendary graffiti and tattoo artist Mark Bodé as the illustrator was gearing up for his latest solo show at 1:AM Gallery.  Debuting this Friday, June 25th 2010, “Wizards, Lizards, and Broads” takes a deep look into Mark’s artwork and offers a rare glimpse into the early original works of Mark’s father, the legendary Vaughn Bodé.

Following a successful campaign with Puma, the release of his Lizard of Oz book, and the exciting news that Bodé’s Cobalt 60 story has been optioned for a movie to be directed by Zach Snyder (Watchmen, 300, Dawn of the Dead), “Wizards, Lizards, and Broads” looks to be a captivating and entertaining showcase of the multi-faceted artist.  Take a tour of Bodé’s home, studio, and art collection here on Hi-Fructose.”

Visit www.hifructose.com to view awesome photos of Mark’s art collection and studio.  Also, make sure that you keep reading Ken’s posts on the site, he really is getting around, in a good way, and writes about interesting artists and great art events.

Written like a true Bode fan, Zach Ritter gives us love:

“Vaughn Bode is probably the most influential artist you’ve never heard of. A central figure in Manhattan’s late 1960s alternative comics scene, Bode created a stock of imagery and characters that continues to be a staple of underground visual media. Those potbellied, sleepy-eyed lizards that are the emblems of so many street artists and ambitious taggers? They’re all based on recurring characters from Bode’s work. The absurdly proportioned women — their cartoonish curves rendered in sharp primary colors — which seem to adorn every other concert flyer or rave promo? Bode’s as well. The 1AM Gallery’s retrospective will include heretofore unseen pieces from the Bode archives, as well as pieces by Mark Bode — Vaughn’s son and a respected cartoonist in his own right.”

Written by Mary Eisenhart:

” “Wizards, Lizards and Broads”: Cartoon art is a family tradition with the Bode clan. Growing up with father Vaughn, creator of what the son calls “the iconic Bode characters that are respected around the world as the very beginnings of hip-hop subway art imagery,” Mark Bode went on to his own notable graphic novels and videos, including the comic Miami Mice. Now he’s put together a retrospective of his own work along with never-before-seen works by his dad. Also on hand: Vaughn’s brother Vincent and a few of their friends in the graphic novel world.”

Thanks Mary!

Written by Reyhan Harmanci

“Mark Bode knew as a toddler that he wanted to be an artist and work with his famous father, Vaughn Bode, the San Francisco underground comics creator. But after his father died in 1975, when Mark was 12, he devoted himself to a different kind of collaboration: polishing his father’s legacy.

Vaughn Bode created a world in his comics that Mark has fleshed out, making oil and spray paint paintings from his father’s cartoon panels and unfinished sketches. The younger Mr. Bode perfected his father’s signature pieces: the ever-slouching Cheech Wizard, the science-fiction-inflected planet full of lizards, the cartoonishly lewd “Bode broads.”

As Mark Bode, 47, who is based in Daly City said, “I am mortal and he is immortal, and the two of us work well together.” ”

Read the rest of the article here.  Reyhan, you rock.  You’ve been supporting us since day 1!

We feel so special.