Part of the 1:AM team was vacationing in Hawaii… yea, yea, boo hoo for us, right?  But we missed a lot of great art events like Victor Reyes’ “Misspelled” opening, “Phokos” reception featuring works by our buddies, Phoneticontrol and Alice Koswara at Lower Haters, and SFAQ‘s 2nd symposium… We went through an urban art withdrawal.

Then, we stumbled upon Split Obsession… Well actually, we have been going to their store in Koko Marina for the past 5 years.  When we first discovered them, we were excited to interact with like-minded people and loved their merchandise assortment and art collection.  Their walls are adorned with Angry Woebots, Big Foot, London Police, Buff Monster and the list goes on… They have a good mix of artists heralding from the local Hawaiian scene to the heavy hitters from around the globe.   On this trip, we had the opportunity to speak with the owner, Bruce Chin for hours about art, artists, SDCC, business, graffiti, Hawaii and San Francisco economy, and even the future of America’s youth.  Bruce showed us the aloha spirit in a big way and even gave us the fix we were feigning for…

Check out the limited edition (only 50 in the world!) Big Foot resin cast we picked up.  They only have 3 left so get your butt to their stores (there is one in Koko Marina and another in Ala Moana) or visit them online!

Resin cast by Big Foot from SPLIT OBSESSION HAWAII

Thanks, Bruce!!!  See you on the Mainland soon!