We won for SFBG’s Best of the Bay, “BEST SMELL OF AEROSOL IN THE MORNING” category!  Check it out.

As seen in SFBG Best of the Bay issue (July 27, 2010)


Photo by Ben Hopfer

Screw a monument and urban planning: we live in City Beautiful. Walk down nearly any street in SF and there on the pavement and buildings you will find the stencils, murals, super burners, tags, and — how do you say? — art that makes this town rich in color, rich in mind. So where does the discerning street artist go for the tools and gear she needs to make these blocks pop? It’s gotta be 1:AM gallery, where prices on paint pens and aerosol spray trump the art supply and hardware stores every time. (1:AM as in “First Amendment” — and a tagger’s preferred rise and shine.) Not to mention the whole gallery side of the space, which hosts some of the most original sometimes-street artists around — who often tag the outside of the store’s Sixth Street walls in kaleidoscopic temporary letterings and designs.

YEA! Team 1:AM is going to be partying it up this Thursday night at the Best of the Bay party.   We’ll share photos of our debaucherous night.  MANY THANKS TO SF BAY GUARDIAN!