Phew!  Whatta weekend… such a busy one that we are only writing about it now. We have finally recuperated.

We started off the weekend by attending the Best of the Bay Party at Mezzanine.  And let us tell you SFBG really knows how to throw a party… free burgers from BurgerMeister, free beer, live music, and so many, to say the least, interesting people.  They also were raffling off prizes and our very own Marketing Vixen, Anna, won 2 pairs of tickets to the De Young Museum.  Score!  We must admit, though, the free booze definitely helped make our night extra special…

Then on Friday night, we had a farewell dinner for Mark Bode’s exhibition.  The 1:AM team and the Bode clan headed over to a restaurant and gorged ourselves for 4 hours.  A never-ending supply of food and drinks were flowing as stories were passed back and forth.  Everyone at the restaurant was looking at us, so curious that they were eavesdropping on our conversation… you can only imagine the range of topics we were covering…  What a gluttonous evening!  (BTW, make sure you check out Mark Bode’s Jigsaw Puzzle Release party at Medicine Agency on August 27)

Saturday was the opening of Cache and EyeOne‘s “The Revolutionaries”.  This show is so dope.  The art is fun, whimsical, and imaginative yet sends a strong social message.  The underlying political context is so opinionated but is easily digestable through its’ playful presentation.  Thanks to everyone who came through and the kids that stenciled their hearts out.  A special thanks to the men of the hour, Cache and EyeOne, who worked so hard on their art and getting the show together.  We’ve been loving coming to work lately because we love dem Chickens and Zapatistas!


Thanks Cache, EyeOne and Company!!!


1:AM Crew reppin' with Cache and EyeOne

Make sure you come by and check out “The Revolutionaries” exhibit at 1:AM gallery now through September 4th!