Cache’s chickens are cute.  The vibrant colors and the cartoon like character he paints is often found in LA’s most dismal and blighted neighborhoods.  Even though he still sometimes paints on illegal walls, it seems that the community and city allow his murals to run just because it adds so much life and energy.

Brutality by Cache - $325

"Brutality" by Cache

Cache’s chickens are more than meets the eye.  After reading The Teachings of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda, he was enamored by the symbolic representation of chickens.  Castaneda writes that humans are like chickens, trapped in a coup always working and struggling making “the man” richer in his pockets and always remaining trapped in the cage with no chance out.

“A self-proclaimed pessimist and avid reader, Cache dubs American society “the machine” and references books like 1984 and Brave New World, while describing where he thinks we’re headed. “We’re a society in decline.”

He adds, “I don’t agree with this system of haves and the have-nots. It’s not because people are lazy, a lot of people work their butts off their whole lives, working two or three jobs, but they just can never move beyond their same spot.”” – Excerpt from Andrea Alegria’s write up in East Side Living Los Angeles, 2009

Word, Cache, that’s some deep stuff. Visit 1:AM gallery to be inspired by Cache’s politically versed Chickens, now through September 4th!

Your New God by Cache - $300

"Your New God" by Cache

USA: Burgers and Chickens

What does this installation mean to you?

The Revolutionaries at 1:AM Gallery, now through September 4th!  Come on by and visit!