Our current exhibition “The Revolutionaries” include a series of paintings and photographs depicting the lives of Zapatista and Companeras.  While EyeOne‘s paintings and Le Human Being‘s paper mache dolls add an animated twist to the serious political conflicts occurring today, the photographs by Perfecto Romero, Liborio Noval, and Raymundo Reynoso document the history and faces behind the movement.

Who are the Zapatista?

You have probably heard of or seen posters celebrating the most famous one, Che Guevara.  The Zapatista are revolutionary guerillas based in Chiapas, Mexico.  Chiapas is one of Mexico’s richest countries but has succumbed to massive poverty and injustice.  The gap between the rich and poor is extreme with the poor hanging on to survive by a thread.  The working class, which is made up of a large population of Indigenous Mayan peoples, was hit hard when Mexico’s corrupt President ordered for their farm land to be taken from them on January 1, 1994.  Since then, the Zapatista Army of National Liberation went public by declaring war against the Mexican Government for its oppression of the working class.

Seen in public wearing ski masks and handkerchiefs to disguise their identity, the 3,000 Zapatista are made up of mostly poor working class peoples with a social base of Indigenous folk.  Combining ideals of libertarian socialism and anarchy, they continue to fight to be free of cultural genocide and for equality.  Although the war is mostly peaceful with arms only to protect their headquarters and publicity tactics to promote social change, the Zapatista guerilla movement has been recognized by the Mexican government and continues to be monitored.

Struggle by Le Human Being - $350

Struggle by Le Human Being

Peace by EyeOne - SOLD

Peace by EyeOne

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