It’s our favorite part of a new opening… when artists from different walks of life, grace our 6th Street wall.  We get excited and giddy like schoolgirls cause we get to watch amazing artists get down and paint.  Nate1, curator of The Classics, wanted to get all the artists on the wall somehow (note: there are more than 20 artists exhibiting in this show!).  He started with Crayone, who created the logo, who put the title “The Classics” on one panel and the rest of the artists put their own letter styles and signed the rest of the wall.

Crayone getting down (photo by Ramon Martinez)

Golden Age of Graffiti Explosion! (Photo by: Ramon Martinez)

Say what? Spie gettin down! (Photo by: Ramon Martinez)

Thanks Ramon for the photos!  Check out his photography at or follow him on twitter @rmillustrated.

6th Street Wall - The Classics

THE CLASSICS opens tomorrow Friday, September 10th from 7 – 10pm!  Don’t sleep, be here.