Estria is kicking off his 4th Annual Invitational Graffiti Battle tomorrow night at 1:AM Gallery.  “The Can Film Festival” will start at 6 and run through 10:30pm.  We will be playing the renegade film, Dirty Hands, the Art and Life of David Choe and an ’80s classic, Beat Street.  As a special treat, Harry Kim, filmaker of Dirty Hands, will be doing a Q&A over Skype after the movie.

NEW ADDITION, just to make the night even tastier, Sataysfied and MaliNumNum, two food carts known for their Indonesian Satay and Filipino / Asian Fusion treats, will be on hand to let you get your grub on!

This is a free event so don’t miss out!

Dirty Hands Trailer

Beat Street “Battlecry”

See you tomorrow!