He is an artist.  A curator.  A teacher.  A clothing designer.  An entrepreneur.  A judge for Estria’s Invitational Graffiti Battle.  He loves graffiti and you will know that in the first seconds you meet him.  No one speaks as fondly and passionately about their love affair with graffiti like Nate does.

For our current exhibition “The Classics”, Nate, who is also the curator of the show, came out strong and did a supremely dope piece.  We had a chance to get in his head to understand what this piece meant to him.

"Master Piece Creators Yall!" by Nate1

"Master Piece Creators Yall!" by Nate1

Summer 1988.
Omen and me were 16/17 years old and ready to drop a Hip Hop bomb on Psycho City.

Psycho City, a parking lot on 12th and Market named after a historic graffiti piece Dug RW did in 1986, was a haven for writers to meet and paint. Like a revolving outdoor art gallery, Psycho City was for all intents and purposes a good thing for the young graffiti movement at the time. No real rules but street rules, burn or get burned, Psycho was a place that could make or break your rep.

It had become our tradition to do a big graffiti mural on the first day of summer to celebrate our freedom from high school life. Early afternoon we pulled into this parking lot, like we owned it, pulled out our detailed blue print for the wall and got busy.

The parking lot attendant on duty came and asked us what we were doing, looked at our sketches and said, “It will look good!” and let us keep painting amongst the parked cars!

When meeting Omen or me for the first time, people always seem to bring up these particular murals MPC did. That is why I chose to repaint this MPC classic for “The Classics” exhibition.

The “Master Piece Creators Yall!” wall is like a history lesson on the MPC Crew. Before MPC, Omen’s tag was Kaotik and his crew was WR. JREY, whose name is also on the wall, was in WR and MPC. Lil D was in WR and helped with important early MPC pieces. He was indeed “Lil” being 9 years old helping with some of the WR missions. The other pieces were painted by, SEN, whose name is on the right hand side above my Nate-88 piece (he was a classmate of mine) and Omen, who I remember as a cool yet nervous type of kid.

This wall was definitely not our first piece at Psycho City but it is one that many remember us by. Largely painted by Omen and me, we became known for doing large-scale murals with dope letters. “Master Piece Creators Yall!” was the title of this piece and it was the anthem or call that we had arrived.

View Nate1’s piece in person.  THE CLASSICS at 1:AM Gallery through October 16th!