In honor of our 2-year anniversary, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite art tools in the gallery.  One of our ultimate favorites is none other than KRINK.

Steel tip KRINKs

A variety of Krink products sold at THE 1:AM Gallery near you!

Check out this short clip about the history of the dopeness that is Krink. Graff Artist KR(aka Dan Bruun) was by no means the first to use the ink drip technique, but he was undeniably the first to put silver drips on the map. He started off as a writer on the streets, and now he gets flown across the world to make his famous, big drips! And before anyone can start hating on that, I can personally vouch that KR deserves all these props. I was fortunate enough to experience the “Golden Era” of San Francisco Graffiti (90’s) and KR put it down! Seeing green mailboxes with a freshly dripping silver KR tag was an SF staple.  Thank you, KR, for making Krink, and therefore ink drips accessible to all!