Street Art Classes- San Francisco

Student getting down in Nate1’s 2.0 Class

Now if you haven’t heard (since you’ve been under a rock for the past 2 years), 1:AM offers art classes, and not just any classes.  We offer street art classes like history of graffiti and toy modification, all to satiate your craving for creativity and fun.  With that, all of these classes would not have been possible without the  hard work of our amazing teachers who have been with us since 1:AM’s conception.

We’ve had the honor of working with Nate1, founder of Newskool clothing,  and we’ve definitely flourished with his help.  Nate1 leads the “Sketching Letters” 1.0 class with much wisdom and style, leaving students wanting more!  How could we disappoint our beloved students?  TADDAAA! Introducing “Sketching Letters” 2.0 for next year! Not convinced yet of Nate1’s awesomeness? Read up on what one student had to say about Nate1’s class: “Taking Nate1’s “Sketching Letters” was a very inspirational experience for me on different levels.  It gets deep.”-former student Michele Lin.

Some of Lily Black’s works

Nate1 isn’t the only teacher who deserves credit for making 1:AM’s classes a phenomenal success! The dynamic Lily Black leads the 1.0 Toy Mod class with flair and finesse.  Check out SF Weekly’s article on Black’s class.  And if you want some eye candy, check out Lily’s site featuring some of his past and present toy projects!

We’re so stoked about celebrating our two-year anniversary with these dope teachers on our team that we wanted to share our excitement with y’all.

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