Yahoo! student stenciling a shirt

A few months ago, 1:AM was contacted by Tom Wailes, Senior Director of Product Design at Yahoo! Local. He wanted to have a fun corporate offsite for his team, and so he rounded up his gang of Yahoo-ligans(term of endearment!) and brought them to 1:AM to get down and dirty with graffiti.

Our resident graffiti teacher Nate1 took the Yahoo! team under his wing, giving them a brief history of the graff movement and a mural walk tour around SoMa.  After thoroughly getting their “learn on”, the Yahoo-ligans picked up their spray cans and practiced their spray technique on stenciled shirts and boards.   And if that wasn’t enough, the Yahoo! team unleashed a colorful and dynamic mural on 1:AM’s exterior wall, depicting a mummy and devil and donut? Oh my!

Check out what two lovely Yahoo-ligans had to say about her experience at 1:AM:

Yahoo! team Looking “Hardcore” in front of their mural

“[I] loved how easy-going, friendly and helpful everyone was.”-Sheba

“Everything was awesome!”-Maureen

To be honest through, we at 1:AM cant be the only ones credited for the success of this workshop.   This amazing workshop would not have been possible without the positive energy and creativity of the Yahoo! team. Thanks for being such a fantastic group Yahoo! Come back any time!

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