We at 1:AM just wanted to give a huge thanks to all of the people that came out to our PRINT show’s opening last Friday.  The art was dope, but the the guests and artists were even doper!

A myriad of artists from an array of different creative backgrounds submitted prints of their pieces, which ranged from satirical, to surreal to UNREAL!

For those of you that missed the opening last, here’s a taste of what the print show has to offer.

“The Itch” by Griffin

“Gypsy Trooper” by Hydro74

“Southern Oracle” by Robert Bowen

The PRINT show will be up through January 29, 2011 at 1:AM Gallery.  If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces in the show, please visit our gallery or e-mail us at: info@1amsf.com.