It was winter of 2009 and I remember being shocked to see Larry Bird come through 1AM gallery.  What was he doing here?  Was he into street art, or coming to grab some colors?  Being a huge Boston Celtics fan, but Warriors fan first, I dashed over to get an autograph.  As I approached Larry Legend, he turned to me and said “Hi, I’m Wand”.  I need glasses soon.  Wand carries the perfectionist gene and precision for his craft that Bird possessed for basketball (and is able to pass as his stunt double).

Wand has elevated graffiti to another dimension, literally.  Drawing from early influences of east coast freights passing through his neighborhood, his style has transcended to 3D pieces which were my favorite in 1AM’s 2009 “Inner City Prophets” exhibition.

And that’s just the beginning.  After graduating with a BFA in sculpture from Ohio, Wand has his own jewelry line and will be creating exclusive 1AM jewelry dropping this 2011.  Stay tuned.

Wand is one of the amazing artists in our next exhibition “Outside In” opening this February 11th, but if you want to catch an early glimpse of his street work come to 6th and Howard.