With his current solo exhibition at 1AM running until May 1, Vogue’s history comes to life through his amazing spraycan art.  To get a little more in depth on some of his amazing SPRAYCAN ONLY BMX pieces, we caught up with the man himself.

“I started riding bikes at an early age with my friends.   At that time, BMX was completely new in all aspects since freestlye had just began.  It took hold of us and had us going out to the streets to perfect the things we were absorbing through the magazines.  As time went by, I went to Golden Gate Park every Sunday for years and immersed myself with other kids that wanted to master this freestyle craze as well.  The freestyle scene had blown up and eventually I started traveling to and competing in freestyle competitions.”

“As the growing pains of life continued, I began looking towards my future and college and immersed myself into my art career.  BMX riding exposed me to the urban culture surrounding the city and helped the artist inside me to pick up a can and immerse myself in the graffiti culture.  Having the best of both worlds, I would ride the streets and stop to create street art.  With the beginning of my art career, I didn’t stop riding.  I kept riding with my friends to release the competitiveness inside of me.  My life, at that time, was completely absorbed by riding and painting.”

“I can’t pinpoint when or what changed in my life to lead me to embrace graffiti and stop riding the streets.  Most likely it was the deeper and growing connection I had with art which overcame my passion for BMX freestyle.  At that moment in life, I made the commitment to take the competitiveness I had inside from riding and fully redirect it to the walls.  I’ve never looked back since.  I enjoyed a good decade of freestyle BMX riding which connected me to a lot of friends that I still have to this day.  I love bikes and they are an important part of me and my art.”