As the opening of our newest graffiti exhibition, “Fast Forward“, draws near, we wanted to touch base with curator and artist, Mike Bam Tyau to see how this idea came to fruition.  We did a 1am pow wow with him and asked him some questions about the show, his art and inspirations…

How did the Fast Forward show come about?

I got together with Dan Pan and Nate1 and we talked about which artists were hot and what topics were at the cutting edge of spray can art.  I mentioned that Poesia’s blog,, was featuring new and innovative graffiti as well as discussing where graffiti has been and where it is going.  After being inspired by the site, Poesia and Jaybo were added to the show.  After that, all the other artists started to fall into place.

The artist, Suiko1 from Japan, has always been a favorite of mine for the past 4 years, but not too many people know about him in the US.  His work is nothing like the graffiti art or graphic design I’ve seen in my lifetime. Then, there was Scott Sueme.  In the beginning of the year, I went to a show that exhibited his work in Vancouver and I was impressed. I knew I had to have both of these guys in the show.

Tell us about your works for this show.

My work for “Fast Forward” will be art none of my peers have seen before.  It is a prediction and prophecy of what I think graffiti art will look like in the future but, at the same time, it is a reflection of my past work with computer graphics and my experience in the video gaming industry.  My favorite past time is to do work with lighting in computer graphics and I have translated this to my current work.  As an artist, I aim to manipulate the way people feel when they see color and lighting.

My body of work for this show is also my first attempt to do all my canvases with only Montana Colors spray paint.  I also wanted to show my graffiti writer peers that spray can art in a gallery does not have to look like what it looks like in the street.  It’s much more mature conceptual, abstract, and sophisticated than the public spaces that get smashed in the streets.

I hope everyone enjoys the works of all the artists in the show.  We did a big effort to get a good mix of talent from several different areas of the globe for “Fast Forward”.  It is interesting to see what the future of the graffiti will look like through the eyes of different artists.